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How much time it takes to register myself for Jobs
To register it does not take much time. Unlike most of the sites the RagingBullJobs.com has been optimized and relevant data has been requested from the Job Seeker. Seeker can give basic details register himself and later come and update with more details.
How will Job Seeker be contacted by any company
RagingBulljobs.com provides more flexibility and Employer can contact the Job Seeker either by email, phone etc if provided. If Job Seeker has preferred to be anonymous and has kept the confidentail Settings tighter then his email, name, contact will not be displayed to the Employer. Even if no contact details are not given by Job Seeker, Employer can invite Job Seeker for a chat and ask relevance question related his profile.
How good is the confidentail Settings?
Confidential settings provided to the candidate is very flexible and he can prefer to give the details whatever he is comfortable, still it will provide an opportunity to the Employer to communicate with the Job Seeker. It is like bringing both ends of the world together like, Being Anonymous but still allowing the Employer to communicate with the Job Seeker
How much is the charge for Registering muself
It is absolutely Free to Register any number of resumes
Do I need to pay for keeping my detail Confidentail to the Employer
It is absolutely free to make use of the confidentail settings and there is no charge for using it like anyother Job Portals.
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